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These weapons supposedly belong to a foreign faction on the planet Caron (the aliens). Contrary to Human weapons, they rely on energy to work and automatically charge (reload) when the weapon is not in use. All of them with the exception of the Beam Bay are available for purchase at the beginning without buying the previous weapon and have special abilities. The downside is that all the upgrades for the weapons are bought with tCrystals. These weapons are fictitious and are created specially for the game. They are as followed:

Beam Bay

A laser emitter, the Beam Ray is arguably the best weapon in the game even at its starting level! The weapon takes a while to damage people when zapping them, but will quickly deliver damage after a few seconds, wearing the opponent's shields and health down to nothing in a matter of seconds. This is especially horrific when paired with a sniper rifle.

Sentinel Blaster

A alienic version of the pistol, this weapon shoots slower than the Glock Pistol. This weapon is actually quite related to the Plasma Pistol in the Halo series, for a charged up shot (a purple blast instead of the pink lasers) occasionally fires and drains opponents' shields'.


A high damaging and slow firing rifle. It plants a proximity bomb that last for 5 seconds when it hits the ground. It is one of the best weapons, and favored by extremely experienced players or purchasers.