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This is a Beginners guide for Call of Mini Infinity. This encompasses how to play and tips and tricks to become a good player. This is a personal guide, so please do not edit this, but feel free to create your own guide.

Getting Started

When you start playing Call of Mini Infinity, you are brought to a tutorial. The tutorial is inside the shooting range and you are taught how to use the controls. The left joystick is the move joystick which lets you move around while the right joystick is the fire joystick and pressing the button will allow your weapons to fire. You are first tasked to destroy a hologram with the Marauder III, and assualt rifle and then with the beam ray, a laser. 

Your first multiplayer match is Team Deathmatch, where you engage with other players in 4v4 matches. At the top is a meter which shows the amount of deaths left for your team and the opponents. When one reaches zero, the match is automatically won. Try to keep moving and do not stand in one place, as you will become easy targets.

Customizing your Character

You can customize your layout at the base. You are by default given a Combat Suit and the Marauder. Extra weapon and skill slots are unlocked with crystals. Talents are special buffs that you can give to your avatar. Talent points are given at each level up after they are unlocked. Evolves give special buffs and are unlocked with gold. Skills are rechargable abilities that can be used in battle. It is recommended to get a grenade or sentry turret as they can be used to get extra kills and money. 

Recommended Weapons:

Marauder: Extremely good at high levels (level 3-4) is better if you are not as accurate at shooting

Glock Pistol: This is extremely good at high levels (level 3-4), but it is required to be extremely accurate while firing

HW-45 ShotGun: Highly recommended at any level, but requires close range combat

Recommended Armor: 

Recon Suit: Relatively good with pistols, but heavy weapons will slow the player down a lot

Heavy Battlesuit: Good choice for negating speed deduction

Recommended Skills:

Grenade: Only good if you can properly throw them to the right area, for further throws, press jump then the grenade button

Sentry Gun: Good to place at spawn to take out other players, only one can be placed at a time

Recommended Talents:

Shields Up: Helps a lot with increasing your shield

Killer Instinct: Boosts your speed, good for running all over the place