This is the first segment of Ezekteo's guide to Call of Mini Infinity. This encompasses the beginning portion of the game: Requirements for the game, the tuturial, and the general dos and don'ts of the game.


Call of Mini Infinity runs on smartphones, mainly IOS and Android. An optional must is an SD card inserted into your device. This way, when the game is uninstalled, the progress is saved on the SD card. Because the game is a STRICTLY multiplayer game (in contrast to the official description that makes the game sound like a single-player game), it is required to have a strong internet connection to play (what do you expect when you're matched with 7 other people from around the world?). The game may take a bit of your battery and each match takes about 0.5MB of data (4 minutes). The game takes about 80mb of space on your phone, 12 for the app and the rest for extra files. Once you've got this, you're ready to go!

The Tutorial

This takes place in the shooting range which is later unlocked at level 15. You are required to destroy a target with your first weapon, the Marauder III and then three targets with the Beam Ray (you don't get that later, which is really sad).