Guilds are a feature to the game added in the 2.0 update. Guilds can be created for 5000 gold, and are the main source in the game for obsidian. There are 10 levels to guilds, and the higher the level, the better perks you get. Guilds gain experience by winning challenges. When you earn enough experience the guild levels up.

In a guild, there is the commander (the founder of the guild), officers (pretty much the commander's seconds), and members. Commanders and officers are the only ones who can start guild challenges.

Challenges Edit

Guild challenges are challenges where your guild battle against other guilds for kills and glory. Guild challenges can be set to either kills or glory in three different modes: KotH, FfC, and DtB. There are only two initial battles for members of the guild, but battles can be added with t-crystals. Guild challenges last for 24 hours and at the end the winning guild (the guild with more kills or glory, depending on which you chose) gets obsidian. The amount of obsidian won is two times the level of the opposing guild. As mentioned above, guild level up by winning challenges.

Guild leaderboard Edit

The guild leaderboard is pretty much a tournament between all guilds that last for 14 days and resets after. The way the leaderboard works is that at the end of every two weeks, the highest guilds get obsidian. The obsidian won is the same for all members of the same guild.

1st guild : 300 obsidian

2nd guild: 250 obsidian

3rd guild: 200 obsidian

For other rankings, like 10, 11, and 12, you get about 150 for being In that place but nobody on fandom knows how to get score because they are retards