This is the 4th armor unlocked in the game. It is unlocked at level 10 and can only be bought with gold.


This armor has a bulky look compared to all the other armors. Compared to the recon suit, the fins on the
2014-03-26 00.12.46

Heavy Battlesuit with items equipped

head are longer and there is an additional petruding plate in the center of the helmet. The armor has a lot of extra padding on the arms, knees and the sides of the helmet. The armor takes on a grey color scheme with a light blue visor. It is less sleek compared to other armors.

Armor AbilitiesEdit

Level 2Edit

Immune to movement speed reduction (not immune to movement speed increase)

Level 4Edit

+150 health points

Level 6Edit

Increases Black Mamba, Target Rifle, Stinger Launcher, Shotgun, and the energy weapon damage by 20%.


Reloading takes 50% longer


Purchasing Price: 15000 Gold

Upgrading Price: 2000 Gold, 5000 Gold, 10000 Gold, 25 Crystals, 49 Crystals, 99 Crystals

Starting Stats

Shield: 300

HP: 100


Do not underestimate people with this armor. Once past level 2, this armor already reaches its near-maximum potential with the capability of providing a 100% speed with extremely heavy weapons, as well as providing decent health and shield. It is used best with people who can use the Heavy Machine Gun and Stinger Launcher, as the weapons are best used at close range and the Heavy Battlesuit allows quick movement throughout the whole map. Try not to engage in close combat, especially when they have Stinger Launchers or shotguns coupled with the nice 20% damage boost, as they can do quite a lot of damage to you. This armor also matches up with the jetpack item.