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Human Weapons[1] refer to weapons that are of human origin and already exist in real life. In Call of Mini Infinity, the weapons make use of ammo that is measured in bullets. These weapons do not really have special enhanced abilities, except for a few exceptions. The Human weapons in this game are listed below:

Marauder III

A modern day assault rifle, this weapon is the basis of all player's armory and is the first weapon available in the game. Named after the word meaning a person who raids, the weapon lives up to its name

Glock Pistol

A Pistol, this weapon could be named after the one of the Glock pistols in real life. There is actually an automatic pistol that is either called the Glock-17 or Glock-18.

HW-45 Shotgun

A shotgun, this weapon is a close range, relatively high damage weapon similar to the ones in real life. The only problem is the in-game one glitches and can occasionally damage people at medium ranges

HW-10 Machairodus

Problably the only unrealistic weapon, this is a melee weapon created after a sword and a saw. It somehow gives a speed increase unlike other weapons.

Heavy Machine Gun

A portable machine gun, this weapon is used more for supporting others with a rain of bullets. The high ammo and RPM makes it formidible and close range and a good support and long range.

Black Mamba

A sniper rifle, the Black Mamba lives up to its name. Named after a lethally poisonous snake, the Mamba delivers an insane amount of damage and can take out even the toughest players

Stinger Launcher

A bazooka, this weapons deals a lot of damage, capable of doing splash damage on opponents and through barriers. Although it cripples speed, the damage makes up for it to make it formidable.

Target Rifle

An automatic sniper rifle, this weapon makes up for less damage having a higher RPM and ammo, significantly better at taking out weaker players faster.


  1. The code HW in some weapons could actually stand for Human Weapon