This is the 5th available armor in the game. It is best for sniping. 

Mark-6 117REdit

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Mark-6 Armor with Black Mamba

The Mark-6 117R, is quite similar to the original Combat Suit as it has the same head design, however its detailing is completely different from the Combat Suit, and has a large purple stripe down the Center of its head and uses green colors, it is silmilar to the Mark IV armor worn by john 117 in Halo 4 There is also extra padding on the torso and the limbs on the armor. Like the drillmaster, there are lights on the side of the helmet that are the same color as the visor which is yellow-brown.

Armor AbilitiesEdit

Level 2:Edit

Snipers damage increased by 20%

Level 4:Edit

+10% chance to pierce shields

Level 6:Edit

Guaranteed 3 critical hits after each reload

Weakness: Edit

reduces your movement speed by 30% when shield is damaged


Purchasing Price: 25000 Gold

Upgrade Prices: 2,000 gold, 5,000 gold, 10,000 gold, 25 crystals, 49 crystals, 99 crystals

Starting Stats

Shield: 255

HP: 155

After All Upgrades:

Shield: 638

HP: 388


This suit, quite obviously, is best used for sniping. All the abilities in one way or another assist sniper weapons in becoming more powerful. Because snipers usually camp, the weakness does not directly effect them unless they are trying to escape. Other than that, snipers usually stay in one spot, so the weakness is not a problem. When seeing level 20+ players with the MARK-6 armor, they usually use higher level versions of the Glock Pistol or the Black Mamba. Both work very well with the armor, so beware...