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Blastion's Territory:Edit

~Pluto: This is the sandbox page, feel free to do whatever you want here. Edit, create templates, mess around. Do not delete what others have inserted though.

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Here lies Blastion's Claim:

I only have a few rules:

1. You musn't edit this.

4. Do not edit other peoples edits

2. I will create templates, you can use them.

5. Create your claims underneath mine

3. Do not troll my page. 

6. No sexual/inappropriate or harassment content

Here are some tips for the Ionizers (I call them Alien Origin weapons):

If you are low on crystals and looking for something under 100 crystals, go with the Sentinel Blaster. While the firing speed isn't that fast, it makes up for it by being automatic and dealing a considerable amount of damage. But please note this is not a weapon to deck out with (Deck out = upgrade a lot).

If you can afford it, I personally think the Courtroom is the best gun in the game. Only costing 199 crystals, if you save up or buy some, this is the weapon you should get. If you miss, it fires a

These are thumbnails. Will figure out a use for them soon. 

Welcome To My Page!


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