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SanguineChaos Armor with Magma Spitter

Sanguinechaos is usually the last buy able armor in the game(you can buy it the moment you start playing the game, but most players don't have enough resources to buy the armor). It has a completely different design to the other Armor types, with orange lights and an red visor. It is no doubt, the best armor in C.O.M.I, a good tanker of in terms of health and damage. 

Warning: Upon seeing level 20+ with SC, they are most probably skilled. If they are below level 20, its safe to assume that they are newbies-medium experienced players. Watch out for their K.D too. 

Tip: Equip SC with cloak. Also, use the Healing Machine skill too. While you may be "invincible", note that everything you might get killed if you are too reckless and charge into enemy front line or too much focus on players and not knowing that there are like 5 - 6 turrets surrounding you(not very likely). So be careful. 

Level 2Edit

Increases attack power by 5% every time you take damage until death.

Level 4:69Edit

Each kill increases max hp by 10%

Level 6:99Edit

+225% Melee weapons damage +20% killing blow chance.

Starting Upgrade:69

Shield: 1000 HP: 600

Takes 2% extra damage each time damage

If you ever encounter one check their profile first as sometimes they might not be as powerful as the people who use this suit as some tend to NOT upgrade it.