Tier 3 Talents consists of "Master Blaster", "Missle Turrets", "Unbreakable", and "Pistolero". Talents serve as a passive effect on a character, granting them boosts in areas of a player's personal preference. A player can have a total of 39 total Talent Points, having earned 31 by leveling up and buying the extra 8. When buying talent points, the price rises by 10 tCrystals with every one you buy.

Master Blaster: Increases grenade blast damage and reduces grenade cooldown Edit

Lv1: +15% blast damage, -1s cooldown

Lv2: +30% blast damage, -2s cooldown

Lv3: +45% blast damage, -3s cooldown

Lv4: +60% blast damage, -4s cooldown

Lv5: +75% blast damage, -5s cooldown

Missile Turrets: Your [auto]turrets can launch missiles Edit

Lv1: Launch one missile every 8 seconds

Lv2: Launch one missile every 7 seconds

Lv3: Launch one missile every 6 seconds

Lv4: Launch one missile every 5 seconds

Lv5: Launch one missile every 4 seconds

Unbreakable: Increases damage absorbed by EM Force Field Edit

Lv1: +20% EM Force Field HP

Lv2: +40% EM Force Field HP

Lvl3: +60% EM Force Field HP

Lv4: +80% EM Force Field HP

Lv5: +100% EM Force Field HP

Pistolero: When using Pistols, gain a chance to fire multiple bullets per shot without consuming more ammo Edit

Lv1: 8% chance to fire multi bullets in one shot

Lv2: 16% chance to fire multi bullets in one shot

Lv3: 24% chance to fire multi bullets in one shot

Lv4: 32% chance to fire multi bullets in one shot

Lv5: 40% chance to fire multi bullets in one shot

This ability can receive a higher rate when in use with the Recon Suit

Tips and Tricks Edit

The best guns to have when fully upgraded is the glock pistol or the sentinel blaster. They are the only ones that work with the pistolero.

You should start with the glock first because it has a higher speed.When you get really good and have a lot of t-crystals, you should get the sentinel blaster.